“Watch the pounding surf. Watch the waves lap against the shore, their beginnings somewhere far out to sea, their beginnings in a storm we might never see. Know your oneness with those waves, with the water of the seas.”  – Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart

You are resilient

This week was full of trauma and loss. Our hearts are so filled with heartache, sorrow, disbelief, and horror.  Whether we witnessed it first hand, or watched the aftermath on the T.V. or social media, this greatly impacts each of us.  In the collective unconsciousness, we are bewildered by the unimaginable, devastating, senseless death of 59 people killed in Las Vegas.

Talking about it helps

It is okay to debate the Second Amendment, and post opinions on Facebook or other social media outlets.  This can give us a voice when we feel powerless and hopeless to change an incomprehensible reality.  We are trying to be responsible and accountable.  It is okay to avoid this kind of dialogue all together, too.

Honoring your feelings helps

We want to do something with how we feel.  That is okay, and natural.  We do need to feel what we feel, too.  Notice, allow, and feel whatever your emotions are in the midst of tragedy.  Maybe that is a sense of fear or terror, maybe that is deep sadness, maybe that is anger or rage, and maybe that is overwhelm to the point of numbness. That is all okay to feel.  Try to accept that it is so – that the emotions are here.

This large-scale tragedy can bring up other personal tragedies and losses you’ve experienced. There is no need to judge yourself or believe it is selfish to be reminded of personal losses unrelated to this tragedy.  It is natural to be reminded of past painful losses.  Grief does work that way – without a timeline.

Taking breaks helps

There is no shame in turning off the news or choosing not to know each new detail when there is an act of terror or gun violence in our community or the nation or the world at large.  It does not mean you don’t care.  You can handle tragedy how it is best for you, and you know what that way is.  We are creatures of habit, because routine is safe, and returning to routine can feel good.

Taking care of yourself helps

Take the time to take care of yourself.  Self-care is always important, and especially during times like these.  Keep a list of ways to love yourself, on paper, or in your mind, and find what suits you in the moment.  It is a good time to listen to music.

Being with others helps

Reach out to the people that you love and tell them that you love them either with words, actions, or simply your presence.  Be in community.  If you don’t have a sense of community, check in with a stranger, if you can.  Notice how courageous you can be with your heart.  Offer some help to someone else.  You don’t even have to mention the news headlines.  And please get help if you need it.

I’m sending you compassion, peace, strength, and hope during these uncertain times.

 I’m here to listen and support if you need it.  



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