Counseling & Art Therapy in Asheville

Joy and renewal of peace begins now

Counseling & Art Therapy in Asheville

Joy and renewed peace begins now



Counseling & Art Therapy in Asheville

Joy and renewed peace begins now



Counseling & Art Therapy in Asheville

Renewed joy and peace begins now



Hi, I’m Rachael — a licensed professional counselor and board certified art therapist who specializes in helping clients transition through periods of depression, anxiety, grief and loss. My focus is on teens, adults, and highly sensitive individuals.

About Me

Every therapist has a different style of leading you into your own wholeness. Learn more about how I combine clinical research-based counseling with art therapy to support my clients.


I offer one-on-one private counseling sessions for teens, young adults, and highly sensitive people who are ready to turn loss into lessons and empathy into a valuable emotional resource.


Learn more about the great thinkers and healers of the heart who have inspired my practice.  Many of the writings are the lived experiences of misfortune or pain transformed into profound purpose.

Recent Blog Posts

Radical Acceptance

I learned the term radical acceptance when I was facilitating a Dialectical Behavior Therapy group with woman in early recovery from addiction.  Asking the women to fully accept the reality of their situation seemed like a terrible thing to ask of them, because it...

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Holiday Grief and Planning Ahead

“Grief sucks.” – Everyone Ever This post is for you if you are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Let’s acknowledge that this year may be different and will likely be tough.  We can also hope that it will be alright, or even great! But that word “tough” may barely...

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The Shadow Personality

I like seeing Halloween photos appear on my Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. People look happy dressing up in costume and being playful together.  I think one reason Halloween is enjoyable is because it is a time that the Shadow is socially acceptable, appreciated, and...

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Let’s Talk

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More Info

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. I’ll be happy to answer questions about counseling or art therapy. Finding a good fit is really important and usually having an initial conversation can help you determine how it feels to work together. I look forward to hearing from you.

Address: The POiNT Health Collective, 264 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806.

Phone: 828-712-2061

Business Hours: Please call to schedule an appointment and determine what is available.

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